Free Classic Tetris


Classic Tetris is a classic tetris game. For those who do not like excesses and various innovations, but just want to enjoy playing Tetris online without registering on our website. After all, the rules here are simple like nowhere in other games, you just have to control the figures consisting of four squares connected to each other. But you need to manage in such a way that they get into empty places on the lower field, thereby reducing the collected lines of complete filled lines, and getting a lot of game points for this.

So you can move the figures to the right or left to the arrows located on the keyboard, from the same arrows, for example, the upper one changes the rotation of the figure to another, so that it can be put more conveniently. And the bottom one in the classic Tetris online game sends the figure down at the highest speed. but you need to use it only if you are absolutely sure that you will get to the right place. Since if you pile a lot of bricks in the wrong place, in the tetris game you will be defeated when all the figures reach the very top. And this is very likely to happen if you thoughtlessly send the figures quickly down, because there will be many empty places. And when these places are not filled, in the classic tetris there is no reduction of horizontal lines, and you do not accrue a large number of points, and even worse, this leads you to lose.

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