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Chess is one of the oldest board games. To play it, they use an 8X8 board, drawn into black and white squares, and a set of figures 16 white and 16 black. Players have 8 pawns each, a pair of horses, bishops and rooks, as well as a king and a queen (queen). The goal is to checkmate the opponent’s king or ensure that he surrenders himself.

With the development of computers, authors of computer toys could not ignore this ancient game. The first versions were very weak, a mid-level player could easily do away with them. But time passed, and in 1996, the computer finally beat the world champion! But this did not cool the interest in this fun of the sages.

Tournaments are held all over the world now, millions of players daily and hourly play it on their computers or the Internet. We invite you to join their number to play several games for fun, sports training or in order to defeat a particular opponent. The world of chess is ready to enroll you in the ranks of its equal citizens.