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A very popular board game that can be played almost everywhere and the rules are so simple that they can be learned in a few seconds and immediately begin to play. All you have to do is walk forward and pick up checkers at your opponent. This board game is very popular since school, because at school very often hold various chess championships, where even prize places are encouraged. It is also easily accessible for both boys and girls unlike chess.

The rules of the game are very simple. You have a board of eight cells by eight. This playing field has black and white cells. Two players are involved, which have black and white figures, all figures of the same type, and there is no division by type and type as is the case of chess. All figures are placed on black cells and thus fill in three rows on each side of the playing field, in total there are four figures in a row. You can only walk diagonally forward and only one cage. They also beat the checkers through the figure, if there is free space, if the figure is blocked and there is no free space behind it, then it cannot be beaten. If you can get the figure to the opposite side of the board, then you can get yourself a lady. That is, your figure rolls over and can now walk across the board as many moves as he wants. This is much more convenient than a regular figurine. The point of the game is that you need to remove all enemy pieces from the playing field as soon as possible. There is no need to put complicated steps or mats here, as you should do in chess.

Checkers have far fewer options for combinations and creating a tense game than chess, and therefore the duration of the game is much shorter. The party can be completed in just a few minutes. Of course, if the players think for a very long time, then the game can last much longer. But usually players think very fast compared to chess. The boards for playing the two games are almost identical, the only difference is that in chess each cell has coordinates in the form of letters and numbers, and there are no such checkers.

The maximum number of variants of the game of checkers is collected in this genre, so you have a lot to choose if you are eager to play them. Also here are various variants of opponents and the playing field. Play this simple game and enjoy your victory and the gameplay.

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