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What Color Is Math?

It might seem like a very unusual question to ask someone. However, every one of us has a list of associations that pops up in our heads once we hear a particular word. For some, the first color associated with math would be the color of their math textbook. For others, it might be the red color because they always get irritated when it comes to solving math problems. It is worth considering color symbolism to find out what color is math for you.

Math color ?

Colors and Emotions

First, let us mention the reasons why people often associate colors with different emotions. Evolution can be one of the possible explanations. Nature has a specific logic of creating flowers, insects, mammals, etc. of different colors.

Colors like red and orange, for example, have the mission of giving the signal of a threat. The message of a red insect is simple: if you eat me, you will regret it. The message of many bright flowers has a similar connotation: it is dangerous for you to touch me. People have learned to read these color messages.

Culture and traditions also have a huge impact on the way we perceive the meanings of colors. For instance, many cultures associate blue color with boys and pink color with girls. Ironically enough, it was another way around some time ago: red represented masculine strength, while blue was associated with feminine qualities.

Even though we try to move further from this kind of stereotypic perception, it will take us some time to delete this correlation from our brains. It is worth mentioning that the same colors may have different meanings in different cultures. Red symbolizes good luck in China and, at the same time, is the color of mourning in South Africa.

Common Associations

  • Now, let's look at the list of color symbolism from the reality of today.
  • Red - passion, love, energy, strength
  • Orange - creativity, youth, playfulness
  • Yellow - high self-esteem, happiness, spontaneity
  • Green - nature, ecology, harmony
  • Blue - intelligence, calmness
  • Purple - mystery (greetings to all the magicians out there), spirituality
  • Pink - romance, tenderness
  • Brown - nature, warmth
  • Black - sophistication, luxury, minimalism

Unfortunately, you will not find math in this list as it is not one of the top-of-mind associations for many people when talking about color codes. The idea of every school discipline having a specific color association comes from one of the Reddit discussions.

One of the users asked whether other users had any color associations with math and/or other disciplines. There were numerous answers to that question. Some users claimed that math was definitely red, others thought it had to be blue.

You can rely on personal associations when talking about color symbolism. Your math can be green because of the blazer that your math teacher wore. Alternatively, it can be pink because of the color of your notebook. Just do not spend too much time trying to define that key association. The most accurate one is the first one that comes to you.

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Published on  May 20th, 2020