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Popular life insurance games

Life insurance game

The project is conducted within the framework of improving financial literacy. All search and research tasks are related to the following topics financial literacy and help organize creative work s tudents.
Students will learn how to effectively use financial resources. Tools to achieve their goals, master the tactics of preservation and multiply their finances, acquire accounting and distribution skills cash flows.

Most popular life insurance gamesThe guys analyze, compare the benefits of life insurance and draw conclusions regarding the creation of a financial reserve. Learn to develop and defend civil position.
The methodological development is intended for teachers of economics, social studies, class leaders, students of promotion courses financial literacy.

The board educational business game is designed for obtaining the basics of financial education.
The game is based on the basic laws of reserve formation through life insurance.
The main difference between this game and other desktops economic games - mandatory filling in by the participants of the game games blanks and economic settlements for personal management,
family budget.
The game is designed for the students of the course to improve the financial performance of the company.
Literacy, can be used in general education institutions, in higher education institutions, in the disciplines of economic profile, and also at seminars and training sessions on economic issues.
The game is used to train people over the age of 17 It is allowed .
Using the game for school-age children, but under the guidance of adults. 

Game rules:
To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with the game rules. For that to make the game effective and friendly for the participants (students, players) need to make commitments:

  • exactly follow the rules of the game;
  • follow the instructions on the cards and the presenter's requirements (teachers);
  • participants give their opinion in the form of advice;
  • disputable situations are solved by the presenter;
  • correct behavior towards all players;
  • the presenter has the right to remove the player for incorrect behavior.


The course of the game:
The teacher updates the knowledge of the students of insurance terms through conversation and oral questioning. Hands out "Family Composition" cards (Annex 2). Pupils receive cards, after which they shall It is proposed to work with the calculations of family income for three years. Change The year takes place at the command of the teacher. During each shift, the teacher voiced the situation that had occurred in the family, which affected them financial position. At the end of three game years, the students sum up the rest of the family budget taking into account all that happened events and insurance payments. The teacher suggests analyzing necessity of financial reserve for family budget.

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Published on  May 20th, 2020