By Martha Simons


Quantitative Reasoning Math: Everything You Need to Know

Quantitative Reasoning Math It will not be too farfetched to claim that students often find it difficult to understand the logic behind abstract math problems. Usually, the assignment just states the facts without giving you any explanations as to the purpose of finding that famous X. Even though you do not understand the purpose of finding it, [...] Read more

What Color Is Math?

It might seem like a very unusual question to ask someone. However, every one of us has a list of associations that pops up in our heads once we hear a particular word. For some, the first color associated with math would be the color of their math textbook. For others, it might be the red color because they always get irritated when it comes to [...] Read more

5 Song about homework

Song about homework I compiled a list of songs that I found to be very relatable. If you're a student struggling to get homework done, try listening to some of these songs. 1. "Let Me Love You" by DJ Snake When I'm trying to finish a long-ass assignment and it's taking me forever, I sometimes get frustrated, impatient, and angry. This is a song [...] Read more

Programming Images

Programming Images The above pictures are about programming and programmers. Here is the code in the programming process and the programmer's working environment (his laptop, working computer, etc.) The languages in our list are among the most popular and widely used in the world. Some of them are used for general-purpose programming, while others [...] Read more

Math Playground

Math Playground This App is for kids between 5 and 9 years old. The app has 20 fun math activities that are designed to help kids practice and improve their basic math skills. Different activities will help your kid to identify numbers, learn to count, recognize and name shapes, compare numbers and more. The app is very easy to use. The app is [...] Read more

Why are multiplication tables important in mathematics?

Multiplication is used in many branches of math as a main tool for problem solving such as calculus, algebra, equations etc. It is an element of four basic operations of arithmetic. Multiplication of two numbers is the repeated addition of a whole number. When we perform multiplication arithmetic operation on two or more numbers, the result is [...] Read more

Bug Wars Games

Bug Wars Games War, war never changes, even if you are just a bug. People need natural resources, and beetles need fertile places to breed. Their conditional kingdoms are ready to chew each other's legs off for control over strategically important hives. In this strategy game you need to grab control over all the hives on the map. You will be [...] Read more

Popular life insurance games

Life insurance game The project is conducted within the framework of improving financial literacy. All search and research tasks are related to the following topics financial literacy and help organize creative work s tudents. Students will learn how to effectively use financial resources. Tools to achieve their goals, master the tactics of [...] Read more

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Published on  May 20th, 2020